WiFi Technology

While Clearwave utilizes proprietary wireless technology to deliver an internet service to your home, a secondary "wi-fi" wireless system is used to communicate with mobile and other devices within the home. A Standard "Wi-Fi" router placed in the basement at the electrical panel where all of the communications wiring is typically terminated typically will have limits to its effective wi-fi range and most likely will not reach the second floor of the house, or another corner of the business / shop floor.

Proper placement of the wireless router within the home/business is essential to proper and effective performance. Use of wi-fi extenders usually don’t solve problems as they just amplify a noisy signal and re-broadcast it. Proper network architecture should be used with stand-alone WAP (wireless access points) to augment the wi-fi coverage within the premise.

Clearwave utilizes Cambium E400 / or E500 outdoor WAPs for single AP or small cluster wi-fi networks and enterprise class Cisco Meraki controlled WAPs for medium to large scale roam-able wi-fi networks.

Every solution Clearwave provides is engineered to cover the requested area and designed accordingly. We never use wi-fi extenders or in-expensive equipment. The cheap man always pays twice so we like to do it properly the first time.


Stand Alone WAP

Stand Alone cloud-controlled WAPs are great for small offices or large homes with wall structures that limit wi-fi propagation. The WAP is hard wired back to to the core network so it generates a clean wi-fi signal.