Commercial Internet

Commercial Internet Services

Clearwave’s commercial internet services are flexible and fast to deploy by used of a fixed wireless modem that will be installed on the exterior of the business. These services all come with a STATIC IP address(es) and technical support is provided by technicians here in Edmonton. We can usually respond to an issue within 2 hours of you notifying us.

Commercial services are classified into three tiers:
  1. Commercial Basic Service: meant for a small office of 1-5 users, bandwidth is best effort, no less than 50% of the advertised speed, good for retail, download speed is faster than upload speed (asymmetric)
  2. Commercial Standard Service: meant for an office of 5-25 users, bandwidth is expedited over any existing basic traffic, no less than 75% of the advertised speed, good for a standard small / medium office, bandwidth is symmetric - same upload speed as download speed
  3. Commercial Managed Service: meant for any size office in which bandwidth is crucial and bandwidth is expedited over all other user’s bandwidth, no less than 95% of the advertised speed, the wireless modem on site is also monitored, speeds are symmetric. Connection is monitored by our Network Operations Center.

Service Rates

INSTALLATION FEES: $350.00 for a WALL MOUNTED MODEM or $475.00 for NPRM (non-penetrating roof mount) INSTALLATION. No modem rental fees are charged. Equipment remains the property of Clearwave.

Basic Services

Code Service Description GB/Month Rate
CBS12.0 Commercial Basic Service 12.0 Mbps 300 $79.95
CBS25.0 Commercial Basic Service 25.0 Mbps 400 $99.95
CBS50.0 Commercial Basic Service 50.0 Mbps 500 $119.95
CBS100.0 Commercial Basic Service 100.0 Mbps 750 $139.95

Standard Services

Code Service Description GB/Month Rate
CSS15/15 Commercial Standard Service 15.0 Mbps 1000 $99.95
CSS25/25 Commercial Standard Service 25.0 Mbps 1000 $149.95
CSS50/50 Commercial Standard Service 50.0 Mbps 1000 $199.95
CSS100/100 Commercial Standard Service 100.0 Mbps 1000 $249.95

Managed Services

Code Service Description GB/Month Rate
CMS25 Commercial Managed Service 25 Mbps UL $300.00
CMS50 Commercial Managed Service 50 Mbps UL $400.00
CMS75 Commercial Managed Service 75 Mbps UL $500.00
CMS100 Commercial Managed Service 100 Mbps UL $600.00

Productivity Reports

Have an insight into your employee productivity...

While some down time is beneficial, too much distraction at work is costly. Additionally, as a free service, Clearwave can dig into your internet traffic and discover what your employees are really doing with their time. Simply contact Clearwave Technical Support to have the report run for long term or short term reporting.

Productivity Reports

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