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Commercial Internet Services

Clearwave’s business internet services are flexible and fast to deploy by used of a fixed wireless modem that will be installed on the exterior of the business. These business internet services come with a standard STATIC IP address and technical support is provided by technicians here in Edmonton. We can usually respond to an service affecting issue within 2 hours of you notifying us.

Business Internet Services are classified into four tiers:
  1. Commercial Basic Service: meant for a small office of 1-5 users, bandwidth is best effort, no less than 50% of the advertised speed, good for retail, download speed is faster than upload speed (asymmetric)
  2. Commercial Standard Service: meant for an office of 5-25 users, bandwidth is expedited over any existing basic traffic, no less than 75% of the advertised speed, good for a standard small / medium office, bandwidth is symmetric - same upload speed as download speed
  3. Commercial Managed Service: meant for any size office in which bandwidth is crucial and bandwidth is expedited over all other user’s bandwidth, no less than 95% of the advertised speed, the wireless modem on site is also monitored, speeds are symmetric. Connection is monitored by our Network Operations Center.
  4. Backup Internet Service: meant for any size office in which Internet connectivity is crucial and failure of a primary service cannot be tolerated. Even fiber gets cut, so our wireless solution provides a level of redundancy connected to a National Tier 1 carrier that is not Shaw or Telus.

Service Rates - Edmonton Metro

INSTALLATION FEES: $350.00 for a WALL MOUNTED MODEM or $475.00 for NPRM (non-penetrating roof mount) INSTALLATION. No modem rental fees are charged. Equipment remains the property of Clearwave.

Basic Services

Code Expected Speed Range Service Description GB/Month Rate
CBS15.0 7-15   Mbps D / 7   U Commercial Basic Service 15.0 Mbps 500 $59.95/m
CBS25.0 12-25 Mbps D / 12 U Commercial Basic Service 25.0 Mbps 1000 $79.95/m
CBS50.0 25-50    Mbps D / 25 U Commercial Basic Service 50.0 Mbps 1000


CBS100.0 50-100  Mbps D / 50 U Commercial Basic Service 100.0 Mbps 1000 $119.95/m

Standard Services

Code Expected Speed Range Service Description GB/Month Rate
CSS15/15 11-15 D / 11-15 U Commercial Standard Service 15.0 Mbps UL $79.95/m
CSS25/25 20-25 D / 20-25U Commercial Standard Service 25.0 Mbps UL $129.95/m
CSS50/50 37-50 D / 37-50 U Commercial Standard Service 50.0 Mbps UL $149.95/m
CSS100/100 75-100 D / 75 -100 U Commercial Standard Service 100.0 Mbps UL $179.95/m

Managed Services

Code  Expected Speeds Service Description GB/Month Rate
CMS25 22-25Mbps D / U Commercial Managed Service 25 Mbps UL $99.95/m
CMS50 47-50 Mbps D / U Commercial Managed Service 50 Mbps UL $199.95/m
CMS100 95- 100 Mbps D / U Commercial Managed Service 100 Mbps UL $249.95/m
CMS200 190-200 Mbps D / U Commercial Managed Service 200 Mbps UL $299.95/m

Backup Internet Services

Code Expected Speeds  Service Description GB/Month Rate
BIS25 20-25Mbps D / U Backup Internet Service 25 Mbps 500 $24.95/m
BIS50 37-50 Mbps D / U Backup Internet Service 50 Mbps 500 $39.95/m
BIS100 75- 100 Mbps D / U Backup Internet Service  100 Mbps 500 $49.95/m
BIS200 150-200 Mbps D / U Backup Internet Service 200 Mbps 500 $79.95/m

Productivity Reports

Have an insight into your employee productivity...

While some down time is beneficial, too much distraction at work is costly. Additionally, as a free service, Clearwave can dig into your internet traffic and discover what your employees are really doing with their time. Simply contact Clearwave Technical Support at 780 669 9283 option 3 to have the report run for long term or short term reporting.



Productivity Reports

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